Monday, August 25, 2008

Recent Purchases!

So here they are, my most recent purchases--from Etsy and elsewhere! First up is my adorable crocheted ninja (who I named Hiro after Hiro Nakamura from Heroes--cannot wait for that show to start again!) from Needle Noodles. She has TONS of cute stuff in her shop; eventually I'll have to buy her pirate amigurumi. But on to Hiro:

Aww, look how cute his little ninja star is! And here's another one with him trying to fight all my Tokidoki pups:

I think I've yet to mention my great love for all things Tokidoki. Here's my latest purchase from beautiful Tokidoki bag in Carnival (with Hiro trying to conquer it, of course):

Here are some close-ups of my favorite characters:

Ah, so cute! And speaking of cute, next we have my cute crocheted Edward Cullen doll from Deadcraft, along with my breakfast toys from Kidrobot and Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane:

And let's not forget another crocheted favorite of mine-this lovely flower clutch from Miss Indie, along with a recycled t-shirt scrubby kindly given to me by Right Brain Thinker (and no, Hiro is not trying to defeat my flower purse, he merely thinks it is pretty):

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my recent purchases (I know I have!); I think I'm beginning to see why I'm constantly broke . . .


Distressing Delilah said...

Wow! You have been doing some serious shopping..great purchases. Love the ninja and the little purse. Thank you for visiting my blog too! Take care!

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