Monday, August 18, 2008

Featured Shop: A Cache of Jewels

Today's featured seller is Sandra of A Cache of Jewels--a shop that features antique and vintage costume jewelry, knitting (especially Judaica work), and many dog-related items, thanks to her English Springer Spaniel, Cookie. Her dog is the love and inspiration for those items for dogs and owners; when Sandra fell ill a couple of years ago and first came home from the hospital, Cookie taught herself to be a service dog. Making beautiful items is Sandra's way of thanking Cookie for all she has done.

Sandra's shop is more eclectic than most because of its multi-focus. She makes jewelry that is comprised of many items, but mostly beadwork and Swarovski crystals. She loves glamor and glitz, a trait inherited by her mother and grandmother; one collected costume jewelry while traveling around the world by steamship, while the other owned a large bridal shop that Sandra worked in growing up.

A Cache of Jewels has a little something for everyone: intriguing patterns for knitters, vintage jewelry for women, destash, and dog items for animal-lovers.

Sandra is still trying to play catch-up, due to her illness of the last couple years. She is getting back into teaching Ballroom and Latin-American dance. In her quiet time, she loves reading a good mystery (her favorite authors are Rex Stout and Ellery Queen). She loves her Jewish heritage and expresses it through her cooking, especially during Passover.

Sandra also has a site of her own, aptly named "A Cache of Jewels", it has some wonderful links and a beautiful gallery!


Rebecca said...

I love the dog:) He looks so dapper;)

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