Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Featured Seller: Isabeau Bijoux!

Today's featured seller is Keren of Isabeau Bijoux--a shop that makes jewelry with natural stones, sterling silver, and swarovski crystals.

Keren's designs are unique, inspired by her surroundings and life experiences. She loves incorporating gemstones and semiprecious stones because she admires their natural beauty. She makes both casual jewelry for everyday wear and elaborate pieces for special occasions and presents.

Isabeau Bijoux is for any woman, regardless of age, who loves individual design and gorgeous handmade jewelry. You can learn more about Keren and her shop at her blog: Isabeau-Bijoux!

Keren is mid-way through microbiology graduate studies, as well as a metalsmithing course (very ambitious!). When she's not creating jewelry, she loves to draw and paint.


Keren said...

Thank you very for featuring me! It looks great!

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