Friday, August 8, 2008

Featured Seller: Azhure's Jewels!

Today's feature is Azhure of Azhure's Jewels--a shop that specializes in flamboyant jewelry and a few other odds and ends: wands, an occasional painted object, and surplus beads.

Trying to distinguish her shop from other jewelry shops has been difficult (believe me, I know), but she's done so by putting intensity into her pieces and adhering to her own vision of things. Take her Luna Moth, for example; she uses stones to represent the colors of a moth, and the emotion that it instills. She describes her work as "painting pictures with beads."

Azhure's Jewels is for those who appreciate and embrace individuality. Each separate piece has an audience.

Azhure loves anything having to do with history, mythology, or science. Gemstones are her passion (she's even working on a gemstone book). She spends a good deal of time outside; it's her main source of inspiration. She enjoys reading fantasy books and has five aquariums filled with fish, newts, and hermit crabs.

To learn more about Azhure's Jewels, check out her blog and Twitter page!


Azhure said...

Thank you so much for featuring me! I think you did an excellent job ^_^

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