Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday today, and in celebration I've found some wonderful birthday finds! Well, OK, mostly I just found lots of cupcakes (love, love, LOVE cupcakes), but enjoy!

Happy Birthday Pin by Traci K. Designs

Cupcake Necklace by The Royal Bead

Cupcake Necklace by A Jillion Pieces

Birthday Hat Headband by And Jane
(mostly I just love how angry this adorable little girl looks!)

Gift Wrap by Bazil Essentials

Birthday Sewing Card by It's the Small Things

Mr. Hedgehog Card by Designs by Steppie

Sprinkles Make Me Happy Photograph by Lauri

Pink Cherry Birthday Cake Print by Alice in Paris

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Wow, Christmas was crazy for me; I hope everyone had a great holiday! While I'm finishing up my Vampire Earring tutorial, I thought I'd show off some lovely winter finds:

Spring Snow Hairpins by BeesKneesCrafts

Snowflakes Hairband by cocoboudoir

Snowflakes Maternity Shirt by JellybeanApparel

Sterling Silver Guitar Pick by AndrosCreations

Snowflake Thank You Cards by NYPapercrafter

Reversible Snowflake Necklace by imogeneANDannie

Snowflake Pebble Magnets by ShanasShop

Winter's Vegan Lip Conditioner by Beautiful Twists

Creamy Coconut Shampoo Bar by Swan Mountain Soaps

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