Sunday, September 28, 2008


These are my little owl earrings, aren't they adorable? In lieu of these owls, here are some more for your viewing pleasure:

The Night Watcher Bracelet by Faeriedtreasures

Milo the Owl Pin by girlwithapurl

Glycerine Soap Owl by EternalSunshine

Ollie lil Hoot by ManicMuffinTotes

Turquoise Owl by birdzNbeez

I hope everyone has a restful night (unless you're nocturnal like our little friends here, in which case I hope you have a very restful day)!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Front Page Again!

Yay! My vampire earrings made the front page on Friday! I totally missed it, but I found the screenshot on Flickr. They're the third row down in the middle--very Twilight, don't you think?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nerd Alert!

OK, so I am one of the biggest nerds in the world! Deadcraft from Etsy was nice enough to make me these customized Link and Zelda dolls--yes, I LOVE Legend of Zelda, I admit it! I first played Link's Awakening on my good ol' Gameboy Color when I was 12 and I've been addicted ever since. So to celebrate my love of all things Zelda, here are some awesome products I've found:

Creative Rampage's Triforce Pendant

Fort Awesome Studios' The Legend Prints

Pixelated Creations' Magnet Set

Wedgered2's Needle Felt Doll

Think Geek's Link Plush

That's it for today, I suppose. Now I guess I'll go do something productive. :D

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Featured Shop: Tisa's Creations!

Today I have the lucky opportunity to feature Tisa Jackson of Tisa's Creations--a shop that sells handmade greeting cards and stationery. If you're looking for a great card, Tisa's Creations is the shop for you! It's casual and modern, and Tisa prides herself on using the finest of quality materials-her super smooth white and cream paper are eco-friendly!

Tisa draws inspiration from everywhere-mostly nature and her kids. One thing she struggles with (and this goes for me, too) is her marketing skills. I've been shopping from generic places like Hallmark all this time, not even realizing that there were better cards out there, and now that I know about all these great handmade cards I'll never go back to Hallmark again! Which just goes to show that if you have something great, get your name out there so everyone else knows, too!

Tisa describes herself as "an artsy, fartsy, crafty, coupon-clipping, always stamping, loves to entertain and set up playdates, full-time working mom. My mind never seems to stay quiet, my iPhone stays on and is always charged. I love my awesome super-diva daughter, my growing-up-too-fast son, and my wonderful, supportive husband who never complains when I leave my stuff all over the floor--he just steps over it and smiles. And I love most things handmade."

Love Tisa's Creations as much as I do? Great news: Tisa is giving 10% off any purchase $15 and over--today and tomorrow only, so hurry up and check out her shop! She also has two current giveaways and other cool stuff on her blog.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I just love free stuff; especially when it's gorgeous! I thought I'd post others' giveaways since I know how much fun I have with them. From now until tomorrow at noon, Lemon Drop Studio is giving away six adorable cards on her blog! All ya' have to do is comment, so hurry it up and get in on this action--you have about 24 hours!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


OK, so I just posted a TON of new things. See the right hand side ----------------->

The newest creations are mostly about color! I picked up these great resin beads from Michael's and went nuts; the ending result are these I.D. tag-style bracelets.

I also unveiled my latest creation that I've been working on for quite awhile: the lucky star bracelet! Each little star is carefully folded and sealed. Holes are then made and when they're all dry, I string them together into cute little bracelets! For a good little tutorial on how to make origami stars, go here. They're super easy to make and lots of fun!

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go watch my hubby play Wii Fit. He's hula-hooping right now and I'm kinda afraid he's going to pass out!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Everyday Tedium of an Everyday Life

So I haven't had a whole lot to blog about. I've ordered a few more things that I'm way excited for, the first being this oh-so-cute Tokidoki Ecomondo purse from Japan L.A.

I'll take more pictures when I get the actual thing. Ooh, I can't wait! I've been waiting for this bag ever since they announced the new line and soon it will be mine! And, of course, no bag would be complete without a little Hello Kitty bunny (letter E) to go along with it:

Speaking of cute plushes, I recently purchased the adorable Alexphanie from Pwn Monster on Etsy. I hope the little guy gets here quickly, as it's intended for a gift:

And last, but certainly not least, is this lovely card that Owlbot sent me free for helping with the colors for her Circle Cards. She's such a sweetheart and I love her little owls:

Ah, I think that's pretty much it. I've been procrastinating about making jewelry. I have this really cool idea I've been working on-the process takes quite awhile, but the end result is awesome! So stay tuned and I'll report back later, hopefully with some new items to post! :D

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