Thursday, September 18, 2008

Featured Shop: Tisa's Creations!

Today I have the lucky opportunity to feature Tisa Jackson of Tisa's Creations--a shop that sells handmade greeting cards and stationery. If you're looking for a great card, Tisa's Creations is the shop for you! It's casual and modern, and Tisa prides herself on using the finest of quality materials-her super smooth white and cream paper are eco-friendly!

Tisa draws inspiration from everywhere-mostly nature and her kids. One thing she struggles with (and this goes for me, too) is her marketing skills. I've been shopping from generic places like Hallmark all this time, not even realizing that there were better cards out there, and now that I know about all these great handmade cards I'll never go back to Hallmark again! Which just goes to show that if you have something great, get your name out there so everyone else knows, too!

Tisa describes herself as "an artsy, fartsy, crafty, coupon-clipping, always stamping, loves to entertain and set up playdates, full-time working mom. My mind never seems to stay quiet, my iPhone stays on and is always charged. I love my awesome super-diva daughter, my growing-up-too-fast son, and my wonderful, supportive husband who never complains when I leave my stuff all over the floor--he just steps over it and smiles. And I love most things handmade."

Love Tisa's Creations as much as I do? Great news: Tisa is giving 10% off any purchase $15 and over--today and tomorrow only, so hurry up and check out her shop! She also has two current giveaways and other cool stuff on her blog.


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