Sunday, August 17, 2008

Featured Seller: Miss Karina's

Today's featured seller is Karina Nathan of Miss Karina's New Orleans--a shop that specializes in a very different sort of clothing!

Miss Karina's features clothing and costumes inspired by life in New Orleans. Costumes include party wear, Halloween, Carnival, festival wear, and burlesque. You will even find funky accessories to play up your costume!

Karina's shop is meant to be humorous (especially the Merkin Hair Panties, which I'm sure are the only ones of their kind). She loves the whole Trashion movement, so a lot of her work incorporates recycled materials. Her clothing is for women who enjoy life and wear clothes that express this attitude.

When she's not designing clothing, Karina enjoys many different art forms, including: float design, running her dance troupe (The Bearded Oysters), cartooning, photography, and papier mache. She also loves to travel; she is spending the year teaching art and English in Korea and recently went to Japan!


tamdoll said...

Wow, I've never seen this shop, you're doing a great job featuring unique things on etsy!

Linda said...

Wave, this is a great blog. I'd love to be considered as a feature and return the favor on mine.

Linda Blatchford

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