Thursday, July 31, 2008

Featured Seller: Uneek Doll Designs

Today I'm featuring Debbie Ritter of shop that makes miniature dolls from wooden clothespins. The characters are inspired by classic literature, history, and imagination.

Debbie makes all of her characters different from each other; even after extensive searching, Uneek Doll Designs is, well, unique! She is usually able to create just about any historical or literary character--perfect for professors, those who collect miniatures, or avid readers!

She has so many different designs, it was really hard for me to pick a favorite--will it be her elegant version of Jane Austen's Emma, or the powerful Queen Elizabeth? Take a look around her shop; you certainly won't be disappointed.

In her free time, Debbie loves reading the classics, painting, drawing, and cooking (I'm beginning to see a trend here, why is it every crafty person loves to cook except me? I thrice burned a grilled cheese sandwich yesterday . . . ); she also loves going to state parks and hiking.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Featured Seller: Ariel Telsa!

Today I'm featuring Ashley Marcovitz from shop that specializes in unique jewelry made from found objects and vintage jewelry, as well as homewares.

Ashley's shop is distinctive in the way that she puts her materials together. To her, every material can be something new: she uses vintage pins as centerpieces for necklaces, makes screwback earrings into pendants, and uses watch faces in a wide variety of ways.

Her items are for women who want to stand out--trendy and fashionable while retaining a romantic and feminine style. Ashley makes (but is not limited to) long necklaces, bold rings, cluster necklaces, and headbands that can be worn in a variety of ways--after all, shouldn't your jewelry be attention-grabbing?

When Ashley isn't making her fabulous pieces, she's doing some other craft. She's been teaching herself how to sew (trust me, that is no easy feat!) and enjoys cutting up old clothes and piecing them together. She loves recycling old things into new things, and she's been looking into paper crafting, so keep an eye out for some new pendants made with vintage paper!

Monday, July 28, 2008

New Items Added!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've added new items to my shop. Lots of cute earrings and lockets! Here's a little peek:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Featured Seller: Judy Jem

Today I'm featuring Judy of Judy Jewell Kid Knitz (!

Her shop specializes in baby and children's knit and crocheted items--not to mention her adorable Mushroom Friends, which I would buy for myself, even at the ripe old age of 20! Almost all of her items are made from natural fibers, which is great for mothers or soon-to-be moms.

Judy is a member of Etsy Kids and CT Etsy Street Team, and in her free time she likes to read, kayak, hike, teach children how to knit, and loves anything to do with crafts!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Featured Seller: Bee's Creations

Today I'm talking with the artist of Bee's Creations--a shop that specializes in polymer clay pendants, ornaments, and artwork.

The artist loves including animals in her work, which is very unique and oftentimes just plain cute (see cupcake pendant above!). She also loves drawing, music, and (duh) animals. She hopes to one day own an animal rescue, as she's currently a trained animal attendant.

Need to know more about Bee's Creations? Check out the blog here!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Featured Seller: Annlee Designs

My next feature comes all the way from Estonia, Europe! Her name is Anniki, and her shop is Annlee Designs.

Knitting and crocheting have been a passion of Anniki's since she was a child, so it's no wonder that her shop sells *gasp* knitted and crocheted items for adults and children. She has many different items--hats, shrugs, gloves--all beautifully and carefully handmade.

Anniki's mission is to show that knitting can be fun and elegant; to take her work to the next level and prove that traditional crafting is still alive and has a suitable place in the modern world. Her shop is still fairly new, but she's working on perfecting it--she promotes anywhere she sees an opportunity. Her shop is very customer-oriented; a satisfied buyer is the best promotional tool!

Apart from crocheting, Anniki writes (both for fun and as her profession; she's writing a book that will be published in Estonia next year!), swims, sails, and travels. She also (like me) collects shoes; she currently has about 70 pairs! Lucky, lucky girl.

If you would like to know more about Anniki, she has a blog here--titled appropriately "Addicted to Crafts".

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I thought I'd just take a moment to tell everyone I'm having a Christmas in July sale (although it will probably run a bit longer than July :D). Most of my items have been discounted, and if you want to take a look, just click here or any of the items on the right-hand side.

Thanks! More featured sellers tomorrow!

Featured Seller: Tooli's Jewelry

I thought I would do a special double-feature today: the first being mystudio, and the second being Meital Levi of Tooli's Jewelry--whose shop specializes in beaded and knitted jewelry.

Tooli's Jewelry is a unique and trendy line of handcrafted jewelry and accessories designated for women whose taste is unique and expressive. Her merchandise ranges from original and unconventional to classy and sophisticated.

Meital creates every piece with careful attention, love, and great inspiration. She has lots of experience designing for brides, special occasions, and costume orders. Nothing brings her more satisfaction than bringing someone's dream jewelry to life!

Tooli's Jewelry is for any woman, regardless of age, who likes well-made and unique jewelry. It's also for those of us who LOVE sales, because from now until July 31st, Meital's shop is having a Christmas in July sale: buy any two items and recieve the the third free! So go ahead and check it out!

In her spare time, Meital loves to take pictures. She studied photography professionally for five years, so she sees the world through a camera's view--which would explain why all of her photographs are so gorgeous, just like her shop!

Featured Seller: mystudio

Today I'm interviewing Denise of shop that specializes in, you guessed it, purses!

Mystudio features all sorts of adorable bags, clutches, and everything in between: from card holders to brooches. Denise uses a combination of new and vintage fabrics to create one-of-a-kind or limited edition purses.

This shop is great for any woman who's looking to sport a unique and quality-made bag. Not to mention the versatility mystudio's products offer: professional enough to take to work, yet fun enough for a night on the town!

Aside from creating purses, Denise loves sewing (what else?!), photography, cooking, and learning new crafts.

If you would like to see more of mystudio, please check out Denise's gorgeous blog here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Featured Seller: Jewelrybyallison!

Today's interview features Allison from! Her shop specializes in handmade jewelry, but she also sells vintage jewelry and buttons. The vintage goes hand-in-hand with her newest line of jewelry which is made from recycled vintage jewelry and found objects.

Allison uses only the best: quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, and friendly customer service. She sends out many promotional items and business cards to fellow crafters to gain exposure--shoppers and crafters alike will love her shop, so please stop by and check her out!

Besides making and collecting jewelry, Allison enjoys antique shopping, sushi, and newly-married life.

The First of Many Features: Wiccked!

I would like to warmly welcome Melanie from wiccked--she has kindly volunteered to be my first feature!

Wiccked's blurb is "Beautiful things, made for you, by me"--and such beautiful things they are! Her shop features mainly jewelry, with a wide range of components: fine silver (PMC), gemstones, fibers, ceramics, and mixed metals. Her shop also has quite a few other things, ranging from notecards to drawstring bags!

Wiccked is also the only shop to feature Melanie's limited edition tarot deck (48 have already sold in a short amount of time), which has even been reviewed by Aeclectic Tarot!
In her free time, Melanie blogs about things she's made, posts photos on Flickr, and actively participates in her Etsy street team DUST (Down Under Street Team).

Melanie also loves anything related to art. Her hobbies include photography, spending time with her family, playing around on the internet, and camping.

If you would like to see what else Melanie is up to, click here to be added to her mailing list; you can also check out her awesome blog here!

My Current Works

So I just took these randomly bad pictures of a current project--I'm trying to make wire-wrapped rings; it's something I've been fascinated with for a long time, but I've never actually managed to keep the wire from poking the wearer's fingers (if anyone has any help for me, feel free to offer :D). So, I keep messing around with it and making cute rings (but for the time being, they're not quite good enough to sell).

I also took a couple of pictures of my tiny work station (yes, that is actually my dining room table, but as we never use it for eating, I use it for my jewelry):

This last picture is one of my apple lockets I just finished--I simply can't get enough of those gorgeous little flowers! This one was inspired by my favorite book: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. (I think I'm keeping this one for myself, but I'll soon be selling more like it for now, though, I have this one in my shop)

I'll hopefully be posting some sellers and doing some features in the next couple days! Please check back soon!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Starting Up

All right, so I'm going to give this blog thingie a try (no, that's not what she said).

My name is Jenna; I'm married to a gorgeous computer nerd whose name is Neal, and I love him so much it grosses me out. I'm just barely starting up my Etsy shop (viewable on the right-hand side of the screen) and trying to get it off the ground, so I just thought it would be kinda fun to share my creative (and not-so-creative) processes.

I specialize in jewelry, just in case it wasn't already apparent. I love using glass flowers, lockets, and wire-wrapping techniques. Basically anything pretty and unique--I'm trying to do a bunch of different things, but it's kinda slow going where I have my "real" job to attend to. I work at a credit union taking care of transactions and putting up with the mindless idiocy that goes along with any customer service job. I like it for the most part, but making jewelry keeps me more or less sane, even if I don't really sell anything.

I'm hoping to get some features going and pictures of me working, unfinished projects, etc., etc., but how long it will take, I know not. But please keep checking back and hopefully I'll get more interesting!

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