Thursday, July 17, 2008

Starting Up

All right, so I'm going to give this blog thingie a try (no, that's not what she said).

My name is Jenna; I'm married to a gorgeous computer nerd whose name is Neal, and I love him so much it grosses me out. I'm just barely starting up my Etsy shop (viewable on the right-hand side of the screen) and trying to get it off the ground, so I just thought it would be kinda fun to share my creative (and not-so-creative) processes.

I specialize in jewelry, just in case it wasn't already apparent. I love using glass flowers, lockets, and wire-wrapping techniques. Basically anything pretty and unique--I'm trying to do a bunch of different things, but it's kinda slow going where I have my "real" job to attend to. I work at a credit union taking care of transactions and putting up with the mindless idiocy that goes along with any customer service job. I like it for the most part, but making jewelry keeps me more or less sane, even if I don't really sell anything.

I'm hoping to get some features going and pictures of me working, unfinished projects, etc., etc., but how long it will take, I know not. But please keep checking back and hopefully I'll get more interesting!


CraftyCartoons said...

Good luck on your new blog and shop!

Thanks for checking out my cartoons... and btw, I think your husband and I may need to think about starting an "Etsy spouses" support group :)

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