Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Featured Seller: Ariel Telsa!

Today I'm featuring Ashley Marcovitz from shop that specializes in unique jewelry made from found objects and vintage jewelry, as well as homewares.

Ashley's shop is distinctive in the way that she puts her materials together. To her, every material can be something new: she uses vintage pins as centerpieces for necklaces, makes screwback earrings into pendants, and uses watch faces in a wide variety of ways.

Her items are for women who want to stand out--trendy and fashionable while retaining a romantic and feminine style. Ashley makes (but is not limited to) long necklaces, bold rings, cluster necklaces, and headbands that can be worn in a variety of ways--after all, shouldn't your jewelry be attention-grabbing?

When Ashley isn't making her fabulous pieces, she's doing some other craft. She's been teaching herself how to sew (trust me, that is no easy feat!) and enjoys cutting up old clothes and piecing them together. She loves recycling old things into new things, and she's been looking into paper crafting, so keep an eye out for some new pendants made with vintage paper!


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