Friday, October 10, 2008

Unlock the Secret of . . .

You guessed it, today's post is all about keys! Most are pendants, because I just couldn't pass them up, but rest assured that they are all gorgeous! The one above is mine (available for a mere $7.50, I might add). Enjoy the feast:

Lock and Key Necklace by elsyrene

Wooden Skeleton Keys by The Porkchop Show

Royal Key by COGnitive Creations

Skeleton Key Ring by Dillon Designs

Swallowed Print by Six Hours Photography

Key to my Heart Pendant by Wander Girl

Black Magic Key Notebook by Paper and Canvas

Blue Skies Necklace by Arete

Just a boring little formality, all images are property of their respective artists; I am in no way affiliated with them and do not have rights to their pictures and/or products. I simply like to promote awesome products and I've kindly linked the pictures and sellers to their Etsy shop if you have any questions or would like to buy--so get clicking!


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