Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wish List

I am constantly on Etsy; if I'm not doing something with my own shop, then I'm shopping around in other people's! There's so much amazing stuff out there! Here are just a few items on the top of my wish list:

Twisted Daisy Ring by Jemima Lumley

Hedgehog Ring by Michelle Chang Jewelry

And for whatever reason, I have been craving caramels and just happened to run across this local caramel shop (woot Utah!):

Orange Caramels by Old Time Caramels

And I want just about everything in Kristin Coffin's shop! Unfortunately, her shop's in vacation mode until the end of August :( Oh well, maybe I'll just have to have a beautiful new ring for my wedding anniversary in October! Here's just one of my favorite rings:

So, who wants to buy me something?? ;)


jewelry making said...

I have a long wish list before New year comes. And I think, I have to start buying them.

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